My name is Carina Garvin and together with my husband Spike Garvin we breed up Bernese Mountain Dogs.
We are also ranch owners, located along the foothills of the the Wind River Mountain range, Crowheart Wyoming.

I started DogLovers Kennel in Sweden over 28 years ago. In 2005 I moved to the USA to be with my husband Spike and together we have continued the breeding of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Our dogs are with us all the time, they love to work with us together at the ranch and when we do not work they are with us at home. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a good family dog.

Here on the website you can learn more about the dog breed, information about our dogs and how we live our lives with our dogs. 

We are careful when it comes to the delivery of puppies, we follow up every puppy and we ensure that the owner gets all the information it needs to raise the puppy correctly

Our Ranch in Wyoming