Medical courses

Swedish blue star all courses 1970

Puppy obedience course 1983

Then it was followed by further training in various stages of obedience all the way up to the obedience championship

Working Dog Association:




Hunting Courses for golden retriever from:Retrieve / fetch

Blood-Saving track


MUH-test, where I trained myself to figurant around 1985

Pull-dog Bernese Mountain Dogs 1989

exhibition techniques / SKK exchange rate

anatomy of the dog / SKK exchange rate

Genetics of the Dog / SKK exchange rate

Dog breeder Training / SKK exchange rate around 1985

dog shows in 1998

dog physiotherapist 1995-1997

dog massos 1996

body balancing on the dog / horse 2005

Horse masseur / horse therapist 2005

Here in the USA, I learned what a Heeler does, and how a Berner can be used on a ranch in connection with livestock.

I have learned Cranio sacral therapy that can be used in human / dog / horse with great success.

Raindrop Therapy essential oils that are used to great effect on the human / dog / horse

AKP- on muscles, humans/dogs/horses

I continue my education for every litter I have thruo all my faboules puppy Buyers. It’s never to late to learn even more about this beautiful breed. And throu all the questions I get from my buyers the more I learn and I’ll post some of the questions here on my website because they are very good questions and I know many of you new on dogs/puppies and will learn alot by just reading all of this. But right now My Daughter in Sweden is helping me with this website and update it as often as we can so it will be a joy for all of you to read.

Thanks for taking your time to read all of this.