When you buy your first Berner search for as much info as you can, call many breeders, thats a good way of finding your breeder. This breeder will be your best friend for a long time.

There is alot of fine books to read about Berner and I recomend you to visit us anytime if you can. I can also tell about my education as a dogphysiotherapist/dogmassos, that started when I was on one of a Berner meeting in Sweden. A lady told me about this class and also showed me how to stretch a dog and massage a dog, oaooo so I went to a 2 year class and is today certified Dogphysiotherapist. but every dog owner can learn how to massage your dog and stretching. So many is out there and training there dogs but never give them massage and stretching after a tuff traing, I can tell that this will benefit your dogs health alot! but all of that i’ll show my Buyers when they come and pick up there puppy. Well I hope this will give you some info about us here at Crowheart.