1) A Bernese Mountain Dog is pretty easy to have. The breed is cooperative and responsive but it can be mentally a bit soft. It is therefore important that you give the dog a firm but loving upbringing.

2) Bernese Mountain Dog is a tall breed that requires space and need as an adult proper exercise per day, preferably loose in the woods and fields. It has thick fur and need a lot of turnout, which is also the most comfortable with. It lies well out in the garden or stroll around at your own pace.

3) Bernese Mountain Dog has a long coat as in wet weather can easily become dirty. Although it is not in felling so caught hair lightly on furniture, carpets and clothing.

4) Puppies and young dogs should not be exercised but purposeful move freely outdoors as much as they want. Skeletal disorders are not fully developed in about 12 – 18 months of age.

5) It is a tall breed as adults have a significantly higher feed costs than a small breed.