Bernese Mountain Dogs are very beautiful dogs. So is says in many books. We all take Bernese Mountain Dogs dog to our heart and care about the breed’s development, and strive healthy and mentally good dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs descended from an ancient race that came with the Romans when they went out of their war over Europe. To keep the soldiers with food, they had large herds of cattle with them, which was guarded by large molosser dogs. There were plenty of predators such as wolves and bears at the time. But as the soldiers were fewer (it used to be so in the war) and the food eaten was not needed as much, so many dogs was not needed, So here and there in the villages where the wars were pulled out dogs was left. The farmers took them out and crossed it with their own dogs. Molosserdogs have left their mark in all dogs of doggtyp. In Switzerland, it gradually became four different so-called “Sennen dogs” (Swedish = shieling dogs). They developed different because they lived in the Alpine valleys that were fairly isolated from each other.

The results were Bernese Mountain Dogs (the only long-haired), Grosser Schweizer Sennen, Appenzeller Sennen and Entlebucher Sennen and all four variants had to do the right thing for the farmers through hard work. They were cattle dogs, guard dogs, and t he two major races, Gross and Bernese had to pull carts, including cheese and fabrics from the shieling levees. As recently as the 1960s could Bernese Mountain seen pulling large 50-liter(3liter=1gallon) bottles of milk from the farm to the dairy in the village.

The breed has slowly become known outside Switzerland. When the dog enthusiasts in other countries became aware of Berner they understood immediately what useful dog it was. It had become a police dog, avalanche dog, guarde dog and herding dog (also called Mountain Cowdog because they can herding cows), no doubt it is a real working dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed that originated in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. It is one of four Mountain Dog from the Swiss Alps. The name Mountain Dog comes from German “Senne” (mountain pasture) and “dog”, as these dogs came to the alpine herders and dairy States called them Berner Sennen.

The breed was officially founded in 1907. In 1937, recognized the American Kennel Club Bernese Mountain Dog as a member of the Working Group.